“Body Forming”

“Body Forming” has been operating in Ukraine since 2016, initially as the exclusive distributor of German EMS training equipment from Loncego. Subsequently, the company began to develop, opening training centers on EMS equipment under its own brand (“Body Forming” franchise).  “Body Forming” halls are open in many countries of the post-Soviet space.

In the process of using the German manufacturer’s equipment, there was a need to further develop its software and expand its application capabilities. The management of the company has taken on the responsibility to overcome some of the limitations of the imported equipment (insufficient number of channels of action and built-in incentive programs, etc.) by creating their own. An expert group led by a company director analyzed the market for existing devices. The members of the group tested the devices on themselves from the standpoint of both the client and the instructor. In this way, the experts were able to find out what the client lacked for the best result and the instructor for easy work.

Taking this experience into account, engineers and designers began designing and manufacturing their own pacemaker. The results of their work are now used by doctors, rehabilitologists, coaches, cosmetologists and professional athletes. The device is patented and certified. Thanks to the invention of its employees, Body Forming Group has received many certificates, diplomas and awards.

Now “Body Forming” is an international group of companies that is engaged in manufacturing and repairing EMS equipment, providing services using EMS simulators, consulting in the field of electromyostimulation and organization of EMS centers.

“Body Forming” Team

Фареник Сергей Анатольевич

Фаренік Сергій Анатолійович

Білецька Оксана Борисівна

Ваньков Павло Володимирович

Герловський Дмитро Вадимович

Farenik Serhii

Biletska Oksana

Vankov Pavlo

Sergii Ishchuk