Body Forming gaming technology

Video games are a good option to spend your free time. Game developers are constantly looking to surprise their user. However, every gamer at heart dreams of feeling his character to the maximum. Company  “Body Forming” has its “chip” to impress the lover of video games.

Device developed by the company allows you to literally immerse yourself in whatever is happening on screen. The recoil, vibration, hitting the body, jumping are not a complete list of what you can feel using the technology of developers. Thanks to the know-how of enterprise engineers, EMS pulses can be adapted to the needs of the gaming industry. The impulse on the human body can be applied not only simultaneously to all groups of muscles, but distributed, and in a sequence that is laid down by the physiology of the human body (according to the physiological stereotype of movement). Virtual and augmented reality, nowadays advanced gaming technologies, are gaining new qualities that one could only dream of before. Any event that occurs on the screen gives an instant response to the human body. The fact of this possibility opens up an unlimited space for the user to experience.

Presenting this technology GC “Body Forming” won first place in the134 Startup Battle“competition.