Body Forming EMS equipment is manufactured in Kiev at the production areas of Body Forming LLC. It is highly efficient and reliable equipment broad spectrum.

Areas of application, consumers

Rehabilitation of patients with consequences of cerebral circulation disorders (paresis and paralysis);
rehabilitation of traumatological patients during and after immobilization.

Overweight reduction;
fight against cellulite;
improving skin quality.

Formation of muscular relief;
endurance training;
increasing the explosive power of the muscles.

Advantages of our equipment

The equipment is certified according to the laws of the EU, CIS countries, Ukraine, Kazakhstan in accordance with the technical regulations UA.TR.114.147.QMS-2017 of 29.03.2017, patented, the technique is copyrighted. Medical device DSTU EN ISO 13485 certified.

The fundamental difference between the equipment of the production of Body Forming GC from classical EMC equipment: the principle of neuro-resonant interaction of natural impulses generated by the human brain and external ones generated by the equipment is used. Electric current does not flow through parts of the user’s body!

Confirmed German quality and reliability, European materials.

Safety, comfort
and ease of use

Warranty – 5 years

Reach more than 20 muscle groups

Flexible assembly – unisex suits; just 2 vests for all sizes

Mobility of equipment
Ability to choose the mobile version of the system. Removable, wireless (bluetooth) remote control.

setting up applications

control system

Comprehensive technical, information and marketing support

For whom the equipment is suitable

Save time
(only 35 minutes for a comprehensive workout!)

Simultaneous training
of all muscle groups

Rapid increase in muscle strength
and endurance

Accelerated muscle
mass growth

Effective weight loss
and elimination of
excess adipose tissue
(up to 8 kg per month)

Training and
quick recovery
from injuries

Complex healing
and rejuvenation
of all body systems

Elena Savchuk

40 minutes of bodyforming is equivalent to 3-4 hours of training in the gym. And it’s not fitness for the lazy! This is fitness for modern women who value their time and want to maximize results in the least amount of time! In this case, bodyforming is never boring – which is also important for motivation. Coaches give you new and effective exercises every time! It’s always fun to work with them. Many thanks to Dimi, Sasha Korchagin and Sasha Tsareva for their super workout and great mood!

Sally Tsukirishvili

Each of the coaches working in the hall is unique, each has his own technique, each of them gives the impression of an incredible professional and admirer of their own business. Each workout is not like the previous one, you do not get tired of it, you go in high spirits. The quality of sleep has improved, the back no longer hurts at all, so the favorite heels of resignation are not sent.

Nadezhda Dmitrieva

From the first two classes, I saw the effect: the volumes began to disappear quickly, the classes brought to my life in addition to the diversity and a great mood from the productive physical activity and the wonderful staff of the Center. And most importantly, I did not want to say the next time: “I am going tomorrow” because the workouts are effective but not exhausting. With each class, I happily recorded in the notebook and in front of the mirror the reduction in inches, and the greatest pleasure I received when just after a month of training, I put on my jeans 42 sizes, which were worn before pregnancy.

Gavril Markarov

Since I have been professionally developing physiotherapy equipment and new methods of physiotherapy and rehabilitation for more than 20 years, I have worked as an associate professor at the Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation of the UDP RF Training Center, outpatient clinics and spas. Application is possible not only in neurology and trauma (electrical stimulation after strokes, paralysis, traumas), but also in surgery and resuscitation. Almost every 5th patient after elective abdominal surgery needs electrical bowel stimulation; in urology at bladder atony; in gynecology with lowering and atony of the uterus, loss; in elderly men stimulation of the prostate, pelvic floor muscles, etc .; in therapy after pneumonia in obstructive bronchitis stimulation of bronchial tubes; in gastroenterology for spastic colitis, constipation, etc.

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