Repair of EMS equipment
and suits

We repair all kinds and types of EMS-equipment.

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    Modern devices for electromyostulation are a wonderful invention of humanity in the field of electronics, chemistry and medicine, which provides a comfortable and effective human life at the present stage of society. Electromyostimulation devices used by “Body Forming” and other companies discussed in this section do not irritate certain human systems with electric shock (muscles, lymphatic and bone systems). Electric current does not pass through the human body! These devices apply the principle of neuro-resonant interaction of signals that the brain generates to muscles, lymph, bones and signals that generates the device to electrodes that connect with the muscles, lymph and bones. In form and content, these signals are similar in their basic characteristics. There is a resonance (synergy) between them due to external adjustment in the process of tuning the characteristics of the apparatus, the instructor can adjust the force, speed, amplitude, shape, ramp up of impulse and the human brain acts on the muscles, lymph, bones, taking into account such adjustment. There are few manufacturers of such equipment in the world. The main manufacturers are listed in this section of the site. We undertake the repair and customization of the software and parts of the equipment systems of such manufacturers. Ready to help in any, even in the most difficult cases (software not working, damaged RE equipped (chips, linear and nonlinear elements) failed wires, cables (connectors, communication elements, fasteners to the suit, connectors in the electrodes )). Damaged fabric of the suit: wear and tear of the fabric is not a problem for us. We will repair or provide recovery of the damaged part. If the electrodes are completely out of order, we’ll pour the new electrodes, and we have the appropriate molds and casting equipment for this purpose. The company has state-of-the-art equipment for problem detection, regulation and brazing (including under a microscope), welding, restoration and printing of printed circuit boards. . Please contact!
    We sincerely wish to help you, but we are also interested in repairing and adjusting various types of equipment from other manufacturersfor us this is new knowledge and new experience!

    The most common places of repair

    Plates and electrodes

    Электроды EMS-костюма

    Replace the conductive plates and the electrodes that connect them

    Wiring in suits

    Проводка EMS-костюма

    Replace (completely or partially) worn or damaged wires in suits

    Sew, patch


    Repair of clothes of any complexity

    Connecting the wire to the suit

    In suits, the junction of the suit and the instrument is a weak link. Repair, replace if necessary.

    Main wire repair

    Главный провод EMS

    There may be cracks and tears in the bending points of the wire. We repair without problems.

    The main pulse generator

    EMS module

    Repair of the main pulse generator

    Remote control

    Repair and replacement of damaged parts of the impulse control panel


    Стойка EMS аппарата Body Forming

    Repair and replacement of broken rack elements.


    Software reprogramming

    Video demonstration of repair work

    We repair everything, we refuse anyone.
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